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panerai replica, a watchmaker based in Biel, has now released a limited edition Armin Tourbillon Water. This is one of the four models in the Tourbillon Series by the Swiss brand, which is known for its innovative timepieces and skeletonized movement. The timekeeper, which is available in a limited edition of 50 copies, features a movement that has both aesthetic and technical characteristics. It is not only equipped with a tourbillon, but also has a power reserve that lasts for ten days.

Four Tourbillons named after the ElementsThe new panerai replica timekeeper with the reference ST13-TW.50, along with three other watches (named Earth, Wind and Fire) from the tourbillon collection of the brand is a prime instance of the success of the watchmaker. This claim can be explained by the fact that the pieces are equipped with in-house tourbillon movements, which is an impressive feat. The new watch, which is a signature of the manufacturer,panerai replica also features an exposed mechanism. This promotes a new form of skeletonizing in which the designs are integrated from the very beginning and before the timekeepers are assembled at the watchmaker’s facilities in Biel.

The panerai replica Tourbillon water watch, along with three other pieces in the lineage debuts the first brand-independent tourbillon calibre with the designation ATC11. The Swiss brand's first tourbillon has an 18K white gold lever and a unique architecture where the blalance wheels is on the same axis with the seconds pinion.

Ten Days of Power ReserveATC11 is a manually wound movement.Rolex Day Date Replica It has a large power reserve thanks to its twin mainspring barrels system. It also features pallets and escape wheel made of gold with reinforced functional areas. The movement, which includes 24 rubies in total and 184 components, has a Breguet spiral screwed balance and runs at a frequency of 18000 vph. The width of the watch is 36,6 mm and its thickness 6.2 mm. The timepiece is finished with top-notch engravings, both on the plate and the bridge of the tourbillon.

The housing is made of stainless steel and houses a member of the first quartet of tourbillons from the brand. The housing is 13 mm high and 43.4 mm wide. Armin Tourbillon Water has a sapphire glass with anti-glare coating. The watch is water resistant to 50 meters, which is a good level for a tourbillon.

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